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Ok – actually I can’t see art because of stress. Surgery, Christmas, major inter-island move – whoopee the stress hormones are racing in my house!! One interesting side effect is that I haven’t been seeing/finding art in my usual way – its like being blinkered. Maybe if I could organise a conglomerate cleaner/gardener/window washer/carpet cleaner/glazier to do all the work that I need to do it might come back to me…? *sigh*

However I have come across some amusing ‘net stuff:

Awesome article on art merch at C-Monster (where the pic came from) Santa – please take note – although really I am waiting for a Clairmont beach towel ;-)

Cool Bananas

Art cakes – so if using all my domestic skills, I made a cake reproduction of say “Victory Over Death II” – would that be a copyright infringement? Cass, of course, has been done.

I have been listening to a lot of music and stuff of late. The arrival of William Burroughs “Spare Ass Annie” CD is timely with “The Junky’s Christmas” on it. Burroughs was a legend and I am still haunted by those Dante-like photos. Also Tom Waits’ “Christmas card from a Hooker in Minneapolis” is on high rotation. You may note I have a slightly dark view of the season. “Fairy Tale of New York” is another favourite and I like what Helen L wrote about it

“…the lyrics capture so much of the mixed feelings Christmas can bring – you’re happy, but you’re also remembering people who are no longer with you, you are enjoying your family…but you are also often pushed up against your family in ways that can be challenging…aah, Christmas – you gotta love it.”

Oh and super-congratulations to Helen H on being accepted into Hogwarts. We must have bubbles soon.

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More Connections

Or just call it “lookalikes”

Bill Burroughs – photo by Annie Liebowitz

Dante’s Deathmask

Bill Burroughs – photo by Annie Liebowitz

I like the parallels. Burroughs’ Divine Comedy! Whatever – Liebowitz’s photos are superb and “The Priest” has a special place in my heart.

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