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Money changes everything

But does it?

I have been challenged recently about being an “art lover” while at the same time holding liberal/socialist views, art appreciation seen as some sort of elitist activity. I can understand this viewpoint particularly with the big news recently (not only in dollar terms) of Lucien Freud’s Benefits Supervisor Sleeping (1995), selling at Christie’s for $33.6m. She will be taken home (I guess) by London-based Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich who I think also bought the Bacon triptych last week.

These dollar amounts ironically are symbolised by Freud’s painting of excess and interestingly, the subject of which, Sue Tilley is/was broke. All extremes,  but in context the money paid probably is like a Kiwi investment collector buying a Hotere or a McCahon. Still you have to wonder if the wealth involved in such hugely inflated figures could be better spent finding a vaccine for HIV/AIDS or something.

The thing is you don’t have to spend a great deal (if anything) to appreciate art – even to take it home you could at basement level buy museum prints and with a bit more maybe local limited edition multiples. ‘New Collectors’ sales have shown me that the art I love could be in my home one day and aren’t completely out of reach. Of course we have the wonder of public galleries and even with my grouch about public art, it at least gives us unlimited access. My current passion for street art is also free for the most part.

I guess I am trying to justify it. Its like trying to figure out people who donate to animal rescue but not to ‘people’ welfare. And at least most art isn’t about mass production of “stuff” or if it is, its a wry commentary on it. And even in marginalised places, art works to nurture and reflect culture.

An entry at Over the net connected the dots (no not the Hirst ones) for me when quoting James Wallace “To live without art is to miss out on a vital dimension of life” . And if I wanted something like the Freud in my home, I could always look in a mirror.


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Such a perfect day

Well – nearly perfect. Lets say that when you live in the desert a visit to the Oasis means you need to fill up to get you to the next Oasis. Feast or famine etc etc and today was a feast

Managed to get to the Reboot exhibition for the collectors talk (report to follow tomorrow). A revelation really and definitely some “ah ha” moments for me. Oddly no one asked questions. I had about a million questions but where do you start in that setting? I did discover an artwork that sums me up completely (just now) Happy for it to be my epitaph even. Ronnie van Hout’s “Sorry I am out of Order”. I think I HAVE to get this T-shirt.

And yes I did bump into some people – rather unexpectedly. And in answer to “whats with the calling cards?”. Well they were free (if you are happy to put up with some spam) and shoving them at people by way of introduction is a great help to socially inept people like me.

Managed to rush over to the Theo Schoon “archival exhibit” at Te Papa as well. I was very disappointed and wish I’d gone to the Helen Hitchings thing instead. I wanted to see some of his rock art work and they just had the gourds, jade, ceramics and Thai stuff on display. I mean I did like what I saw (some amazing photographs) just not what I was wanting to see. Also a pity they didn’t have some of his decorated gourds – just the photos.

And home to a cooked meal – an absolute rarity for me not to have to do the cooking.

Also last night watched “Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon“. It didn’t get such great reviews but I thought it was good. Very clever how some scenes were staged like Bacon’s paintings – although some see this as a weakness.

Off to listen to Lou now.

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