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I noticed

I noticed how dependant I am on broadband. Due to TelstraClear and Telecom not being able to play nicely together a ‘proper’ internet connection won’t be available until late next week!!! Only got a dialup connection today and cleared 706 emails!!

On an art related front I noticed that Dunedin in now in the grip of Rita Angus fever, as was Wellington last year.

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We tomorrow the packers/movers come so service here may intermittent for the next while. I have finished organising (I think) and now my evil plans need to fall into place.

One thing we will be doing on our journey South is further exploration of Southern Rock Art sites. Every trip to the South we try and take in one site and this time we’ve picked Frenchman’s Gully because of ease of access (I hope). I had wanted to see Weka Pass but its a bit of a trek with the kids. Any how I am hoping to see the bird men in person rather than on my old Sanitarium glasses.


Looking at that I wonder if there is any peanut butter jar influence on Bill Hammond.

So I’ve got out my reference books and the McDougall Art Gallery publication on the Theo Schoon Interpretations. If any one has other suggestions of easily accessible sites not far from State Highway One – please comment.

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The internet is all about synchronicity, really. I keep coming across connections. Let me point some out.

My entry including a painting of the Mosgiel Woolen Mills (and swamp) and then getting sent this image by Derek Henderson (definitely “a post industrial vibe“):

Hunty Power Station 2007 by Derek Henderson

Which sort of relates to my entry regarding power and phone poles. I continue to see them in art. Of course the McCahon “power pole” is the Tau cross.  And then I was pointed at a a sketch of lines at Kilbirnie by Gaylene Preston from a 1977 one-off  Victoria University publication. And today I stumbled upon ‘Generated’  which “indirectly pays homage to the humble power pole and pylon and its significance today for providing the energy to electrify our homes and the transmission of visual imagery to our lives.”

Another connection was made today with photographer James Watkins. I particularly like his images of street art in Melbourne and especially love the creative spirit that made someone put up pics from “Where the Wild Things Are”.

Speaking of Wild Things, I got sent info an age ago about artist Phillipa Bentley and I really liked her insect pictures.

Art on Weatherboard: Huhu Beetle – Phillipa Bentley

 “The use of weatherboard started as a play on the old, Kiwi 1950s trend of butterflies on a weatherboard house idea and is an integral part of the work. As this is set in a particular time and place, it led me to developing the artwork as museum boxed collections, archived in a social and historical context, and then layered with other personal references with collage and word.”

Personally I like the fact that the beetle is made from the cover of the well known book “Native Animals of New Zealand” by AWB Powell.

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I noticed

I noticed that I can no longer take the character “Ethan” in Vigil  seriously since Frank Whitten has featured as Ted (Grandpa) in Outrageous Fortune.

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